Right to the point: this is currently the best iced mocha in the city of Dallas.  Served in a twelve ounce cup or pint sized glass (to my surprise when I forgot to order ‘to-go’), Halcyon’s mocha does a nice job of maintaining the coffee flavor while subtly blending the perfect amount of milk chocolate.  The mocha is always thoroughly mixed, with no chocolate syrup stuck to the side or bottom of the cup.  Halcyon seems to have perfected Union Coffee’s old recipe, which once controlled the Dallas mocha scene prior to moving to powdered chocolate.  This mocha never disappoints.

Pros: Great flavor, consistent

Cons: only one serving size, defaults to glass cup, no whipped cream option

Scene: Two golden retrievers on the porch, one that approached me and wanted to be petted.

Heard: “What a fun place, I like that a lot better than Starbucks.” – Random guy in a sweatshirt.

Next Review: StarbucksIMG_2460


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